FCT-650SE: Light I-V and Suns-Voc on Alternative Material Devices

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Light I-V and Suns-Voc measurements for perovskite, silicon, and tandem devices. Sinton Instruments’ advanced characterization techniques in combination with a fully programmable steady-state LED light source.

Product Overview

The FCT-650SE measurement system is a versatile, steady-state LED I-V tester designed for perovskite on silicon tandem devices. Combining Sinton Instruments’ advanced cell characterization techniques with the Sunbrick® Class AAA LED solar simulator by G2V Optics, it reports I-V and Suns-Voc parameters for silicon, perovskite, and tandem devices, as well as substrate doping and lifetime for silicon. Light soaking, maximum power point tracking, and automated measurement sequences are also supported.

System Capabilities

Primary Application:

  • Measuring I-V and Suns-Voc for perovskite on silicon tandem cells, silicon cells, or encapsulated minimodules
System Capabilities:

  • Standard cell results: Isc, Voc, Power, Vmp, Imp, FF, Efficiency, Rs, and Rsh
  • Advanced results, all materials: Suns-Voc
  • Advanced results, silicon only: bulk lifetime, lifetime at max power, Jsc, substrate doping and thickness, power loss analysis
  • EL imaging (optional)
  • I-V sweep with adjustable speed and direction
  • Maximum power point tracking
  • Customizable automated measurement sequences

Further Information

For key features, specifications, and additional information, download the product note:
FCT-650SE product note (PDF)

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The FCT-650SE has Class A non-uniformity over a 200 x 200 mm area.