FCT-750 – In-Line Light I-V Testing for Solar Cells

In-line, light I-V and Suns-Voc measurements in a single flash at 4800 units per hour. Capability to accurately measure high-efficiency conventional or backside-contact solar cells.

Product Overview

The FCT-750 has been designed to have the highest possible accuracy for measuring solar cells, namely high-efficiency cells. This is done using Sinton Instruments’ patented voltage modulation technique to neutralize capacitive effects in the I-V measurement.

The FCT-750 provides standard cell outputs which are supplemented with a Suns-Voc analysis and a substrate doping determination. All of these parameters are available from a single flash pulse.

The option to measure multiple cells simultaneously or measure cut cells is also available.

System Capabilities

Single flash measurement to obtain:

  • Standard cell results: Isc, Voc, Power, Vmp, Imp, FF, Efficiency, Rs, Rsh
  • Advanced results: Suns-Voc, Bulk Lifetime, Jo, Doping, Pseudo I-V parameters

Further Information

For key features, specifications, and additional information, download the product notes: FCT-750 Series product note (PDF – 797k)

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The instrument interface displays both I-V and Suns-Voc data. This permits quick identification of shunt and series resistance effects.