WCT-120 – The Standard Offline Wafer-Lifetime Tool

The wafer measurement instrument offering the best available calibrated analysis of carrier recombination lifetime. Fully compliant with SEMI Standard PV-13.

The WCT-120 is an affordable, tabletop silicon lifetime and wafer metrology system, suitable for both device research and industrial process control.

Product Overview

WCT-120 instruments showcase our unique measurement and analysis techniques, including the highly regarded Quasi-Steady-State Photoconductance (QSSPC) lifetime measurement method developed by Sinton Instruments in 1994.

The QSSPC technique is ideal for monitoring multicrystalline wafers, dopant diffusions, and low-lifetime samples. This method complements the use of the transient photoconductance technique that is also standard on this instrument.

The QSSPC lifetime measurement also yields the implied open-circuit voltage (versus illumination) curve, which is comparable to an I-V curve at each stage of a solar cell process.

WCT System Capabilities

Primary application:
Step-by-step monitoring and optimization of a fabrication process.

Other Applications:

  • Monitoring initial material quality
  • Detecting heavy metals contamination during wafer processing
  • Evaluating surface passivation and emitter dopant diffusion
  • Evaluating process-induced shunting using the implied I-V measurement

Further Information

For key features, specifications, and additional information, download the WCT-120 product note (PDF – 563k).

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Sinton Instruments’ analysis yields a calibrated carrier injection level for each wafer, so you can interpret lifetime data in a physically precise way. Specific parameters of interest are displayed and logged for each measurement.