BLS-I/BCT-400: Bulk Silicon Characterization

Simple and accurate contactless measurement of true bulk silicon lifetime and resistivity on CZ or multicrystalline silicon bricks and ingots. Measure the true lifetime of bulk material prior to sawing with no surface preparation required.


WCT-120/WCT-120MX: The Standard R&D Wafer-Lifetime Tool

The standard R&D tool for process optimization with the best available measurement accuracy. Measure initial material quality, surface passivation, and dopant diffusion. MX version that is capable of measuring samples up to 230 mm is also available.

WCT-120TS: Temperature Dependent Lifetime Measurement

Wafer lifetime measurement instrument offering calibrated analysis of temperature-dependent carrier-recombination lifetime over a temperature range of 25-200°C. Same great R&D level analysis as the WCT-120 with the added ability to analyze the temperature dependence of the key characteristics of the sample including defects.

WCT-120PL: Wafer Lifetime Measurement with Photoluminescence Detector

Measure the calibrated carrier-recombination lifetime of a silicon wafer using both the standard method (QSSPC) and the photoluminescence (QSSPL) method.

IL-800: Inline Wafer Testing

Advanced R&D level wafer analysis for high throughput inline production environments. Pre-process elimination of low-quality wafers using measured lifetime, trapping, and resistivity as well as process control and optimization at dopant diffusion and nitride deposition steps.


FCT-650: Light I-V Testing for Solar Cells

Advanced R&D analysis of solar cells including light I-V and Suns-Voc data. Capability to accurately measure multiple cell designs with the standard front contact chuck or interchangeable custom chucks.

FCT-650SE: Steady-State Light I-V Testing

Steady-state, advanced R&D analysis with light I-V and Suns-Voc for perovskites, tandems, and silicon cells. Light soaking and maximum power point tracking available. Fully programmable Sunbrick® light source by G2V Optics.

FCT-750: In-Line Light I-V Testing for Solar Cells

Inline, light I-V and Suns-Voc measurements in a single flash at 4800 units per hour. Capability to accurately measure high-efficiency conventional or backside-contact solar cells.

Suns-Voc MX: Post-Diffusion Process Control

Perfect for paste-firing optimization and process control. Open-circuit method indicates the upper bound of efficiency for any solar cell precursors.


FMT-500: Flash Module Tester

Measures any crystalline silicon module, including high- capacitance, high-effciency modules, using patented electronic-load technology. Results include Suns-Voc and I-V curves. Over 20 GW of product tested to date. Also ideal for R&D.

Software Updates

You will need a user ID and password in order to download software updates. Please email technical support with your name, company name, instrument model and serial number to request them.

Available Updates

WCT v5.80.0
Released 1/22/2024
SunsVoc v5.19.0
Released 1/12/2024
BCT/BLS v5.30.1
Released 1/17/2024
WCT-TS v5.15.0
Released 11/22/2023
MultiFlash v1.66.0
Released 1/19/2024
SingleFlash v3.97.0
Released 1/22/2024