FMT-500 – Light I-V Testing for Modules

Advanced analysis of solar modules including light I-V and Suns-Voc data. Capability to accurately measure high-efficiency modules.

Sinton Instruments’ FMT-500 measures any crystalline silicon module, including high-capacitance, high-effciency modules, using patented electronic load technology

Product Overview

The FMT instrument has been designed to have the highest possible accuracy for measuring high-efficiency silicon solar modules. This is accomplished using a patented multiflash technology.

The standard analysis includes the commonly reported parameters for module testers, but is supplemented with the Suns-Voc analysis that precisely indicates the source of power loss due to shunt and series resistance effects.

Over 20 GW of product has been tested to date using the FMT instrument. It is also ideal for R&D because it is suitable to measure any module size from a single-cell coupon to a full-size industrial module.

FMT System Capabilities

Primary Applications:

  • One-sun flash module testing
Analysis Techniques:

  • Suns-Voc curve
  • 3-point production testing utilizing Suns-Voc, Jsc, Vload
  • Efficiency versus intensity characteristic
  • I-V curves at multiple intensities (MultiSuns Analysis)

Further Information

For key features, specifications, and additional information, download the product notes: FMT-500 product note (PDF – 1MB)

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The FMT interface displays both I-V and Suns-Voc data. This permits direct comparisons of module data to cell data and quick identification of series resistance, shunting, and cell mismatch.

The FMT-500 illumination area uniformity is Class A (±2%) uniformity over a 1 x 1.5 m test area. The figure above shows data from a setup that achieved Class A (±2%) uniformity over 1.2 x 2.4 m.