Suns-Voc MX – Post-Diffusion Process Control

Perfect for paste-firing optimization and process control. Open-circuit method indicates the upper bound for any solar cell precursors after junction formation.

The Suns-Voc MX stage is available as an accessory to the WCT-120 lifetime testing instrument or as a stand-alone measurement system.

Product Overview

The Suns-Voc MX instrument is ideal for measuring wafers after Al firing, and then again after front-grid firing. This allows the optimization and monitoring of these steps to maintain voltage, obtain good ohmic contacts, and avoid shunting.

Suns-Voc MX Applications

By either probing the p+ and n+ regions directly or probing the metallization layer (if present), the illumination-Voc curve can be measured. This curve can be displayed as our well-known Suns-Voc plot or in the form of a standard photovoltaic curve which can be used to characterize shunting. The entire curve is measured at the open circuit, so it is free from the effects of series resistance. Comparing this curve to the final I-V curve gives a precise measure of the series resistance in the cell.

Suns-Voc MX System Features

  • Wafer chuck controlled at 25°C
  • Fine-point voltage probe
  • Upgraded 3-configuration magnetic probe bar included
  • Xenon flashlamp with full set of neutral-density filters
  • Height-adjustable back column for fine-tuning intensity range
  • Displays standard I-V curve format as well as the Suns-Voc curve
  • Measures ideal wafer characteristics without the effects of series resistance, effective lifetime characteristic curve, and substrate doping
  • Optional custom IBC chucks are also available

Further Information

For key features, specifications, and additional information, download the Suns-Voc MX product note (PDF – 558k).

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Suns-Voc data displayed in the form of an illuminated-IV curve.