WCT-120PL – Wafer Lifetime Measurement with Photoluminescence Detector

Measure the calibrated carrier-recombination lifetime of a silicon wafer using both the standard (QSSPC) method and the photoluminescence (QSSPL) method.

Product Overview

The WCT-120PL wafer lifetime measurement tool showcases the same unique measurement and analysis techniques as the WCT-120 with the added capability of a photoluminescence (PL) detector to measure the PL lifetime and doping of the sample under test. Both the Quasi-Steady-State -Photoconductance (QSSPC) lifetime measurement method and the Transient Photo-conductance Decay (PCD) lifetime measurement method are complemented with a calibrated PL lifetime measurement. The tool can also easily be used as a standard WCT-120.

WCT-120PL System Capabilities

Primary application:
Step-by-step monitoring and optimization of a fabrication process using the QSSPC or Transient lifetime measurement alongside a PL measurement.

Other Applications:

  • Monitoring initial material quality
  • Detecting heavy metals contamination during wafer processing
  • Evaluating surface passivation and emitter dopant diffusion
  • Evaluating process-induced shunting using the implied-Voc measurement
  • Iteratively calculate substrate doping from QSSPL and QSSPC data

Further Information

For key features, specifications, and additional information, download the WCT-120PL product note (PDF).

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Sinton Instruments’ WCT-120PL showcases a calibrated PL lifetime curve alongside a calibrated QSSPC lifetime curve yielding lifetime data over a wide range of carrier densities.