The FMT-500 flash module tester provides advanced analysis of solar modules including light I-V and Suns-Voc data. The FMT-500 has been designed to have the highest possible accuracy for measuring high efficiency modules. This is done using patented voltage modulation to neutralize the capacitive effects in I-V measurements. The Sinton analysis package includes standard cell test outputs. It is supplemented with the Suns-Voc analysis that precisely indicates the source of power loss with accurate shunt and series resistance measurements.

The FMT-500 has been designed with both R&D as well as production line needs in mind. The FMT-500 has been designed to measure any module size ranging from a single cell module up to a 1.5 x 2m module. In R&D, the FMT-500 allows for the fabrication and accurate testing of any size module including single cell modules (from standard industrial size cells).